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re: Is this really a rebuilding year???? - BIGDADDYMDM
I really hate to say this, but i agree with you about the defense. I thought our corners and safeties and linemen were supposed to be the power of this unit. No doubt, our line backers have not covered not one running back out of the backfield ALL year! Ole Miss WR WIDE OPEN ALL GAME LONG! We must b...
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re: I hate the way every one is saying Alabama - BIGDADDYMDM
I can only hope that BAMA gets ranked #1 or #2. That way they will have that big X on their backs! They really look good last night. Georgia must have thought home field mean automatic win! WRONG!...
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re: My view of tonight's game - BIGDADDYMDM
Our linebackers can't cover ANY backs coming out of back field! Riley gets confused on coverage every play. Please tell me Beckwith will be back soon. These linebackers of ours HAVE to cover running backs better, because it is obvious our most major weakness. Also, the last td pass State had, our se...
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How about Pete Carroll? - BIGDADDYMDM
Please don't tell me the football world would be turned up-side-down, by this move! This would be the biggest new-hire, in college football history! Just a thought....
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