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re: Charity/Aid Thread: Where you can volunteer, donate, etc. - Fritz
From my daughter Jenn Mayers on Facebook: Someone once told me that people don’t purchase for ‘a cause’. That people are self-centered and only buy if it benefits them. But I was raised in Louisiana. Where we are taught that it is noble to help someone in need. Where donating your t...
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re: Laptop playing music on its own??? - Fritz
It is malware. Download TDSSKILLER from Kaspersky and run it. It should recognize and delete the infection....
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re: I-10 east construction-BTR - Fritz
I believe these are two different projects. 1 is the split to Seigen and 2 is Seigen to Highland. 1 should be finished in a couple of weeks according to the radio this morning....
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re: This speaks volumes about Miles' mindset at LSU - Fritz
[quote]Wonder how Bama fans would be feeling right now if that was the answer their coach gave when asked?[/quote] I don't know, why don't you ask the Miami fans how they felt when same coach gave the same answer when asked....
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