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re: Dodgeball is a true underdog story. - Nix2Sanders
Can't have a list of Stiller movies without There's Something About Mary. That was probably the hardest I've ever laughed in a movie theater....
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re: How about a bad weather check in - Nix2Sanders
We made it through in Harris Co, GA. Prayers for those in Beauregard. My heart goes out to everyone in that community. ...
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Irons Question - Nix2Sanders
Has anyone ever played or know someone who has played the Bridgestone TourStage ts201's? I've been gaming the ole Titleist dcis for years, but slowly been upgrading the bag lately. A buddy of mine has the hookup for a clean set of these for a pretty reasonable price. I haven't hit them yet, but want...
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re: Okay fellow Aubies I need some help. Update - Nix2Sanders
Private school will probably be your choice in Savannah as well as Chatham County is very similar to Mobile's public schools. Savannah is an awesome city though. :cheers:...
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re: Lemmy - Nix2Sanders
[img]http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/56/568481a6afa956313629ffd35658fa71e748c6dc8cc66bc03c43fa7686f2775b.jpg[/img] :bow: :bow:...
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