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re: Tommy Moffitt - WildTurkeyTiger
I can tell u that in the 90's when I played that the coaches said to get bigger eat bricks if we had to. Now I was not lucky enough to get to be a tiger but on my team we had just about 60 percent use but just during summer before 4 th of July because NCAA would test infall one time. Univ would rand...
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re: What party will you vote in 2012? - WildTurkeyTiger
By what standard? Is she the one putting the US in a $10trillion debt? No, but if you call names then be ready to prove it....
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re: Can Anyone Explain The Results in This Chart? - WildTurkeyTiger
The NFL measures with no shoes on and feet spread out about 4" to 6" apart not heel to heel. All college football players measure shorter with the pro's than when they were in college. I was 6'3" in highschool and with the scouts I was barely 6'1"....
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re: Miles to be on Outside the Lines at 2pm... - WildTurkeyTiger
coming on after comm. ...
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