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Love your comment. You know your stuff great post. Some ppl on here actually know what works....
It's simple mix it up. Take your top 10-15 plays are run the hell out of those plays from multiple formations. Don't ask Harris to read the entire field. Establish his rhythm early and build from there. Open and Flex your Tight end I haven't seen our offense run the smash route in 2 years. When defe...

re: Who is on your HC short list?

Posted by AirOut11 on 9/6/16 at 12:59 pm
1. Jimbo Fisher 2. Art Briles...

re: Cam Must Geaux Bye Bye ASAP!!!

Posted by AirOut11 on 9/6/16 at 12:51 pm
I played the game and I know the game very well. No not drunk in the least bit if it's not the OC then what is it? Did you see Texas beat ND with a freshman QB? It's the system. We have the best receiver core in the country and we should take 4-6 to go routes per game. It's ridiculous. We just came ...

Cam Must Geaux Bye Bye ASAP!!!

Posted by AirOut11 on 9/6/16 at 12:44 pm
Hire Art Briles NOW. I'm a native of La., before the scandal erupted at Baylor coach AB was taking them to the next level it's unfortunate what happened under his watch but he deserves another shot. We have not been explosive enough offensively since Jimbo departed. Art Briles is the answer. It does...