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re: IDP Help - Submarine7
Dang, I thought Jaylon was -en, my bad....
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re: Pick 2 - Submarine7
Nyheim Hines is a really good flex back. He gets some action in that offense. I have a crazy feeling that CEH (not being a homer at all) might score decent this week. KC is banged up on that OLine. Could mean for plenty of dump offs. PPR speaking that is....
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re: TE streaming help! - Submarine7
I agree with this. Cook has scored in the last 2 (with Taysom throwing). Drew should feed him more. A high scoring game with KC could bring opportunity....
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re: IDP Help - Submarine7
Jaylen Smith. Just look at his numbers for the season. Consistent and chunky. His last 2 games he has 12 tackles, and 11 tackles. Now he plays the 49ers, who will run the ball. Demario will miss out due to a pass happy KC. Shaq Barret should not be in this discussion. It’s the playoffs, go wit...
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