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re: Kiran Chawla gone from WAFB? - Mattywiz
Lt. Don Stone is her boyfriend...
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re: So, has LSU fully embraced the corndog moniker? - Mattywiz
At least we dont smell like our sisters twats like bama fans do...
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re: LSU bar in DC area? - Mattywiz
Rhodeside is a good spot, you can also follow the DC LSU alumni page and they will tell multiple locations where viewing parties will be, there is always 4-5 places that LSU fans will be. ...
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re: Copeland's Roast Beef Debris Poboy - Mattywiz
This tiger sauce recipe is a little whack, its a lot of sugar, white vinegar, mayo, horseraddish and a little cayenne and papricka to make it pinkish....
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