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re: BPC-157: Anyone use it or know someone who has used it? - Redstick1322
Correct, BPC 157 can be used orally for a systemic effect. It does not have to be injected locally....
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re: Any men have had any CoolSculpting done? - Redstick1322
Coolsculpting will work if you continuously do it even after the x amount of times that they tell you to. It isn't worth the amount of money that you'll end up having to spend. You could get a personal trainer 3x a week and all your meals delivered to you for less money. ...
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re: Looking for weight recs for a teenage girl. - Redstick1322
I'm running a program that got over 20 signups in a few days for an 8 week at home program that only requires dumbbells and kettlebells, people have had great results thusfar, let me know if you want me to send it to you! ...
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re: Gym is now requiring mask - Redstick1322
Check with them again, certain gyms are allowing people to wear them in and out of the gym but not while they are actively working out. The SNAP fitnesses in Ascension are doing that, I believe thats what we're doing as well. ...
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re: Reid. How is this possible? - Redstick1322
Okay, as a source closer to this situation than I can promise ANYONE else in this thread is, I will clarify a few points. Reid never -Told PM to F himself, if you have ever met Reid you would know how unlikely this is. -Spoke of transferring. His plan was to always finish out at LSU. Reid w...
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re: St. Micheals Jacob Evans - Redstick1322
Im not sure you watched the same games that everyone else in Louisiana has this year, He is the favorite to win player of the year....
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