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Golf course recommendations near Blue Ridge, GA - Yeahyouright00
Going to be in the area of Blue Ridge, GA this fall and looking for a course to play at. We’d prefer something under an hour drive. Thanks ...
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Free house/ buyer pays moving costs - Yeahyouright00
I was looking to demo my house to build a new one and someone suggested I try to sell or give it away to save demo costs. The current house is 1,000 sq ft and raised. Does anyone have info on how this process works or how to find interested buyers. Thanks...
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re: Whats the most ridiculous thing you've seen at a wedding? - Yeahyouright00
I was at a wedding a few years ago where one of the guests was drunk and pulled up the dress of a woman on the dance floor. Turns out the woman was going commando underneath and had a bush for everyone to see. At a wedding over the weekend where a girl was twerking on the dance floor with her dr...
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re: What is the last thing you wrote a check for? - Yeahyouright00
Rent once a month n sometimes if I owe someone money...
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re: Hardest hitter in the Les Miles era? (updated) - Yeahyouright00
Landry, Chad Jones, n Steltz...
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