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Hmm...44,000 people is a lot and I get that it was pixelated, BUT come on folks, the graphics on those FIFA games are good, BUUUUT not that good...

Thousands of people who thought they were watching pirated streams of the World Cup in Qatar were in fact watching pixelated replays from famous soccer video game FIFA 23.

More than 40,000 people in France alone fell for the trick, which involved illegal streaming sites linking to YouTube channels which were emitting replays of FIFA 23 matches, but using headlines such as “Live Germany- Japan on 23/11 Group E World Cup 2022?, which did indeed correspond to that actual match at the World Cup (which Japan won by the way!).

Incredibly, the streams in question also had commentary in Vietnamese of the FIFA 23 match, but far from making the viewers more suspicious, it only added to the belief that this was an illegal stream, being captured from Vietnam.

“Until I saw the comments in the chat, and the close ups of the faces of the players I didn’t realise these were replays of FIFA 23 matches,” said one of the viewers after admitting to having been duped.
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Rex Feral16 months
I fell for that too. It took me a couple minutes to realize it was a video game. Says a lot for the quality of video games and how soccer is played.
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy16 months
Incredible ploy because that game has incredible graphics
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