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Back in April, former UConn guard Shabazz Napier made comments about NCAA players going to bed hungry, and Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace seems to agree.

Here is what Wallace had to say on Thursday at SEC Media Days, per

When asked about player rights and what's important to him, Wallace said a $1,000 scholarship check barely gets players through the month. They need more, he says -- and a cost-of-attendance stipend would be a start.

The NCAA recently passed a rule allowing unlimited meals, something of which Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork, who's proactive for student rights, will certainly exercise.

"A lot of guys go to bed hungry at night. That's real," Wallace told from Thursday's SEC Media Days session. "We have our breakfast and lunch, you can swipe your card, but dinner you have to pay for. ... We need more compensation just to be able to survive. If I didn't have my parents I don't know what I would do. A lot of these kids don't have the same things that I have. I know that their struggle is something terrible. Cost of attendance, if they could just give us that, it would be OK."
Wallace also mentioned this about players possibly receiving payment for jersey sales:

"People might buy that 14 jersey because they want my jersey or something," Wallace said. "If we can have a portion of jersey sales or something like that, it would be great."
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Too much weed - can't afford the munchies.
Reply40 months
When I read the title, I initially thought it was some motivational speech about how Ole Miss and its players are hungry for a title. Only to realize he really meant hungry hungry! :)
Reply41 months
But don't worry we have the problem fixed at Ole Miss and everywhere else in SEC. Alumni just make up the difference as long as they are star players.

Bizarrely now academic scholarships often pay true cost off attendance while athletic scholarships do not at all. (More NCAA rules) If was the opposite when I was in school in the 80's. (LOL) If you are over 40 you have no clue how much everything has changed from your school days.
Reply41 months
Grants were all cut back by Reagan many years ago. I remember when it happened. I was lucky enough to be almost done. They are only for poor people now and maybe 3-5 k a year max.
Reply41 months
This has been a problem for years. They used to have athletic dorms with meal tables and this was all taken care off. NCAA banned that. Now they have honors dorms with all that instead. The 1000 a month is for everything. An decent apartment in Oxford is going to be over 600 a month easy. Gas is 3:50 a gallon. My friends with kids at Ole Miss budget more like 3-4 grand a month for their kids.
Reply41 months
lol a bro wallace jersey...maybe nkemdiche
Reply41 months
This whole thing is laughable. There are grants available for those who need extra money, they just need to qualify like any other student. Maybe that's the real issue.
Reply41 months
Yes most of these guys if not all of them get the pell grant. If these young retards are going hungry maybe they should spend less on xbox games and shite like that and more on food.
Reply41 months
I understand what you are saying. In my opinion, it boils down to this...I just think that there is a lot of confusion in this world today on what is a "right" and what is a "privilege". Example: It is not a person's right to live in an apartment instead of living in the dorms . If one can afford it, more power to them. If you can't afford it, live in the dorms. If a NCAA football player is "going hungry", it is likely their fault.
Reply41 months
The "room and board" is included in that $1000 Bo is talking about. If you don't live on campus, you're given a stipend that's the equivalent of what it would cost to live in a dorm and, out of that, you pay rent.

Add to that electricity, water, internet, etc.

I don't doubt that one could better spend $1000 to save money, but that's not the point. The point is still that $1000 a month really isn't very much money to cover living expenses.
Reply41 months
DC Rebel,
No, they do not have to pay rent or bills. A scholly pays for room and board. The scholarship also pays for books. That leaves school "supplies" and gas that you mentioned. Once again, a $1,000 a month should be more than able to cover that and dinner.
Reply41 months
Should have gone to Texas A&M. Players have all you can eat prime rib every night.
Reply41 months
Billder, that's $33 a night if they're only buying food with that money. They have to pay rent and bills, put gas in their car, buy school supplies, and so forth.

$1,000 a month ain't much at all.
Reply41 months
So by reading the article, the biggest problem is covering dinner. Breakfast and lunch are covered. Dinner is not. They are given $1,000....and saying that is not enough!! That breaks down to $33 dollars per dinner per night.
Reply41 months
Bo don't know.What about no loans to pay off? Bo don't know.
Reply41 months
If you can't eat for 1 on 1k a month you're doing it wrong.
Reply41 months
I get that they have to pay for dinner, but at LSU, we could go to the dining hall, pay like 5 bucks and all you can eat at the dining hall.
Reply41 months
"We need more compensation just to be able to survive."

Its not just Bo's hair that looks dumb today.
Reply41 months
Don't they get 5,000 in pell grants, and if they don't get 5,000 in pell grants that means they have money
Reply41 months
"People might buy that 14 jersey because they want my jersey or something,"

Uhhhh, no, Bo. No one wants your jersey. Sorry to break it to you.
Reply41 months
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