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Alabama head coach Nick Saban visited ESPN on Tuesday and talked about the challenge of getting his team to play Oklahoma as to "try to play in a consolation game."

On Wednesday, Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops was at ESPN and wasn't too happy about Saban's comments. Here is what he had to say, per ESPN:

"They didn't look like it was a consolation game on that first drive when they scored a touchdown and everyone thought they were going to rout us," the Oklahoma coach said. "I've been in plenty of those [non-national title games]. We've played in a bunch of national championship games, right? ... That's a good one.

"So that means I've got a built-in excuse the next time we don't play for a national championship?"
One big bowl win, and Stoops is fired up. What do you think about his comments?
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At the Houston Coach's Night, Sumlin was asked to respond to Stoops' comment regarding Non Conference scheduling. He responded by saying that we could play again if they want.
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"They're not the number 1 defense, we are."

Reply40 months
everybody "HATES" Saban unless he were to become their teams coach ,then he'd walk on water.
Reply40 months
buncha gumps coming in here not saying s*** and downvoting all the anti-bama /pro-ou
Reply40 months
Bama hasn't fared well against OU in recent times. And we all know a mobile qb gives them fits. It was the perfect storm.
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It's easy to decide how you feel about this exchange. If you like Nick Saban, his comment was not an excuse, but a criticism of his own inability to motivate a team which felt it was in a consolation game. If you don't like Saban, his comment was an excuse. I like Nick Saban, so I heard self criticism and frustration, not an excuse.
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I dislike Saban and Stoops both equally so I'm not sure which side to take.
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To ignore the fact that Saban was going for 3 in a row with a team that was 30 seconds away from going 12-0 in the regular season is just dumb when evaluating these comments. For a team with all that on the line, it WAS a consolation game. Stoops hasn't been in the big dance since 2008, and Saban's comments were an attempt to explain what went wrong, not to excuse the fact that they did.
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Consolation huh? He personally blew the Iron Bowl and then his D got their asses handed to them by a QB who had not played much all year. He is such a piss poor loser, which makes it so sweet when he does. Poor Nicky, he's had months to stew over back to back loses.
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After many years of careful observation, I've come to a conclusion: CNS is a douche nozzle.
Reply40 months
Only bobby is a bigger azz than Satan.. okie got to"s becuz of their conference. Once there especially against sec teams no chance. He has an inferiority complex to go along with that nasty ego mentality.
Reply40 months
Stoops ego is getting too big.
Wins the Sugar Bowl and now all of a sudden is running his mouth like an immature bitch
Reply40 months
As usual Saban doesn't really get beat by anyone they just didn't want to be there. What a jerk and loser. Saban can't be gracious in defeat and blames everyone else. You lost, plain and simple. Got your rear end beat then handed to you.
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I think Saban doesn't know how to accept "less than perfect" & is beginning to crack under his own pressure. I can't stand Stoops but he sure does know how to push the lil man's buttons.
Reply40 months
Stoops made Saban his btch on and off the field. Kudos to him
Reply40 months
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