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Weekend trip to NYC with family.
I enjoy reading about people's trips and seeing the photos. At some point I will learn to post pics. Below is a summary of a recent quick trip to NY. Ages ranged from terms to early 60s and included two in our group who'd never been to NYC. One person with some walking limitations so we took a few uber/cabs.

Day one - Landed mid-morning to a hard and steady rain. The forecast was for scattered showers so this was an unpleasant surprise. Solid rain until late in the afternoon.

Checked in to hotel and walked to Rockefeller center. On the way, stopped by St Patrick's and did a quick look around but got out of there before mass started.

The weather/clouds made it an easy decision not to go to Top of the Rock. Ate lunch at a pub near there, Sean's Bar and Kitchen. Food was pretty good, beer selection was what I needed, and service was good. I'd go back.

Took a cab to the Met (had considers a carriage ride but rain). My fourth time in the Met I think and I've probably seen one half to two thirds. It's incredible.

When we left the rain had passed. We walked through the park to the pond. Sat here for a bit to people watch. Took uber to hotel. Drink at the bar while folks freshened up for dinner. Stayed at the Lexington. Mattiot property on Lex and 48th (?) that I like. Good rates for the city, rooms are quiet, free breakfast for Marriott gold or higher, and comfortable bar. Marilyn Monroe lived there if that matters to anyone.

For dinner, i screwed up. We wanted to do something near Times Square so those in our group who'd never been could see the lights. I let a teenage girl dictate the plan after we were faced with a small wait at our first option (John's). She was "starving" and so we ducked in some diner rather than wait. It was horrific, over priced, poor service and worse quality of food.

After dinner, we walked through Times Square and then to Grand Central. Saw the terminal (maybe my favorite place in the city) and did the echo thing with strangers.

Day two - we had personal stuff to do (the reason for the trip) so no sightseeing on this day. Only thing of note, the Ainsworth for the UA game. Huge alumni bar party. We had minors so went to the overflow location. Not quite as crazy as the LSU game last year but still a neat experience to be a 1000 miles from home and have it feel like a game day. I've done the ainsworth twice and the Houndstooth Saloon for a couple of games over the years. I've also been to Rattler in Austin on game day and will try to do more.

Day three - a little bit of a screw up on my part again. Wanted to do the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. Got there and line was too long for us to be comfortable on timing. And given the wind and rough water, probably good that we did not.

We went to the museum of the American Indian instead. Free and worth seeing if you are in the area and have some time to kill. Took the subway to Times Square. For lunch, I had cheap greasy pizza, some had halal, others empanadas.

2:00 matinee of Wicked. Our group loved it. I thought it was very good. Personally, I would have been fine seeing BoM again but I think some in my group would have walked out.

Walked through Rockefeller center again. Some shopping. Stopped by magnolia bakery (better banana pudding than my granny used to make). Saw the ice skating. Thought about going to top of the rock but it was pretty busy and we were tired. Family flew out that night.

Day four - I had some business in the city. That evening I took a client to Delmonico's in the financial district. It was classic in food, service, and atmosphere. Got the Delmonico's steak and the potatoes. It was good. Solid, not great. Sat us near the kitchen but otherwise exactly what I was looking for.

Stopped by the Dead Rabbit on he recc of this board. Nice whiskey and a pint. Very busy at 10:00 on a Monday. Very international crowd. Someone (a Brit?) mistakenly took my beer of the bar and said "of course I'd take the beer of the biggest f'ing New Yorker in the bar!" I replied "even worse, I ain't from NY I'm from Ala f'ing bama!" Good times and cool bar.

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re: Weekend trip to NYC with family.
Will add to sticky.... will be on the lookout for your pics!

1. Upload to Facebook or Instagram or any other site you are a member of
2. Once the pictures are uploaded on that site, right click on the photo and choose "copy link address"
3. With in your post here on TD, look over to the right and you will see a button that says "IMG" on that and paste in the link you copied from your other site, and boom you are done

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re: Weekend trip to NYC with family.
New York is overwhelming, one place where you honestly don't know what to do. You can waste a lot of time if you don't have a plan.
Hope to get back one day and do a lot more.

But I did the Times Square thing, Rockefeller Center, Yankees game, Central Park area, etc.
Saw the Statue of Liberty as well but too crowded to do the boat tour. Hit some bars as I was younger at the time.

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re: Weekend trip to NYC with family.
Man lots of links to get all of your stuff reserved ahead of time. Lines can be avoided w a little preparing. Glad you had good time

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re: Weekend trip to NYC with family.
Can I get some recommendations on hotels to stay in NYC? I'll be making the trip as soon as 2 months from now. Let's say a max of $300/night, though preferably closer to $200/night. I know pretty much any place in NYC will be near a subway that will take me wherever I want, so mostly looking for a cool place in general + walking distance to bars that aren't super hipstery. Basically, a hotel that isn't a shithole, has a nice view, and is near a bars similar to NOLA's Rusty Nail, Lucy's, Vic's, The District, etc...

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re: Weekend trip to NYC with family.
Stay near Union Square / Madison Square Park. Lower east side / east village has the bars you are looking for. For specific hotels, there is a W in union square. There is also a ton of boutique hotels in this area that are really nice, ACE hotel, the NY Edition, etc.

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re: Weekend trip to NYC with family.
Bump for recent inquiry

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