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re: Recommend A City To Use As Homebase For Hiking

I live near Nashville and saw that as one comment. It's a fun vibrant city with lots to do, restaurants, bars concerts, sporting events etc., so certainly it could be a good option. 30m or less from Radnor Lake, Percy and Edwin Warner Parks. 1 1/2 hours from "The Plateau" (MontEagle) area where that are tons of trails and waterfalls. A good close by "Eastern option" as would be Asheville.


The Olympic National Park. Some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. Not going to find a big city to hike out of, and I don't know what Southwest does for you to Seattle, but look into it. We stayed at Crescent Lake Lodge.

Of the above..

I'd like the Boulder, Estes Park or Sedona options for the uniqueness of it. That's if you like "Western style hiking" and all that encompasses. You can drive to Estes Park easily from Boulder if you wanted to as well. Great food/drink scene.

Good luck!

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re: Recommend A City To Use As Homebase For Hiking
We planned to go over memorial day but it's supposed to snow. Very bummed. May do something over labor day instead

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re: Recommend A City To Use As Homebase For Hiking

You’ll never want to leave if you visit in July/Aug

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