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Flight Delay / Cancellation - Remedies?
Wife & kids are involved in the following situation with Jet Blue - wondering if we have any remedies here as all solutions come with significant expense.

Connecting flight to JFK legitimately delayed by weather. Arrive at JFK minutes before connecting flight. Told by gate agent they will not make it. Rebooked for flight today & told bags will be on that flight.

Flight today cancelled due to crew shortage. Rebooked for a flight Tuesday as one Monday to New Orleans flight is full. Told now that bags actually made flight previous day & are in New Orleans.

Wife needs to be back ASAP so i booked something tomorrow at great expense (no other options from any greater NYC airport today).

Also - all they have is clothes on their back and now have to cover 2nd night of hotel so they are heading into NYC to shop (F'd here for sure)

Jet Blue is claiming that issue is a continuation of yesterday's weather and they are not responsible even though today's cancellation was at their discretion.

Do we have any recourse here?

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re: Flight Delay / Cancellation - Remedies?
Recourse? Flight cancelations are a thing. Try to file a claim? Weather is unpredictable. Use a more reputable airline.

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re: Flight Delay / Cancellation - Remedies?
This scenario is exactly why I don’t check bags. Delays happen, and having clothes/toiletries/meds/basics in hand mean I can more easily roll with whatever comes my way. Hope they can make the best of it as an unplanned adventure.

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re: Flight Delay / Cancellation - Remedies?
Some credit card companies have reimbursable expenses if you’re delayed. You can get your hotel paid for, basic clothes and necessities as well.

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re: Flight Delay / Cancellation - Remedies?

Do we have any recourse here?

Once they get back and the situation is over I would give JB a call and see if maybe I could get a voucher out of the ordeal. If not, and I didn’t have any travel insurance through a credit card or whatever, I would let it go and learn from it.

I know it’s not always possible when you have a wife and kids and they have to bring a bunch of shit, but I agree with whoever said they never check luggage. I don’t either.

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re: Flight Delay / Cancellation - Remedies?
Good luck with seeking recourse. I think you're screwed.

And after ending up in Italy 2 full days before my luggage arrived, I have learned to bring a basic change of clothes, prescriptions and basic toiletries in my carry-on bag. I cannot tell you the lengths the wife and I had to go to just to find saline solution and 2 contact cases in Italy. And forget about clothes. As a 6'1", 240 lb. guy, I can tell that sizing in Italy is nothing sizing in USA. Even the rare XXL I could find on a rack in Italy barely fit over my head and was about the size of a US medium.

Sorry for my mini-Italy rant.....I was having flashbacks there for a minute.

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re: Flight Delay / Cancellation - Remedies?
A couple of years ago, United flew my suitcase back and forth between Houston and Nashville for a week before delivering to me in BR a day after they delivered me back here. I called every single day to complain (got a claim number the first day) and ended up getting $1500 from them. It was probably worth that to them to shut me up.

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