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about to land in Turks and Caicos...
for a week with my wife to celebrate our 30th anniversary. It's our first time here and will be renting a beachside villa on Sopadilla Beach.

Nothing planned yet except we have reservations for Coco Bistro on Monday night.

A couple of posters gave some recs a few weeks ago that helped. Anyone else have any recs?

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re: about to land in Turks and Caicos...
Have fun?

I kid.

I've never been to that side of the island but have heard the water is really nice and it's more laid back. A non-touristy kind of beach. Sounds great.

I would HIGHLY recommend a drink (or three??) at:

The Infiniti Bar at the Grace Bay Club

Amazing place to catch a sunset.

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re: about to land in Turks and Caicos...
Conch Shack

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re: about to land in Turks and Caicos...
Caicos Cafe
Le Bouchon
Las Brisas is near where you’ll be staying and is very good

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re: about to land in Turks and Caicos...
i just got back. we were in a villa on taylor bay beach.

if you get a chance, check it out. the beach is smallish and the bay is super calm. it doesn't have the food/drink vendors and kayak/jetski rentals like sapodilla bay beach. so if you are looking for something a bit more chill, taylor bay beach would be the ticket.

we enjoyed bugaloos and wanted to keep going back. the ambience and beach views beat da conch shack. you can also go just down the road to provo seafood and get fresh lobster, snapper, and grouper for insanely cheap prices. just need to go early in the morning or around 4pm when the boats come in. speaking of food, don't pass up on a bambarra rum cake. you can find them in the IGA in the aisle across from the deli.

we also did the fish fry on thursday, get there early and park on the sidewalk. the police close the roads in and out after a certain time. had some incredible jerk chicken, grouper tacos, and whole roasted snapper.

did a bit of exploring, driving to leeward (very ritzy neighborhood), grace beach, malcolm beach (a tough drive in a nissan latio but do-able), long bay beach, the turtle tail, and the end of cooper jack road (where we found a beautiful secluded beach and a shipwreck). but we always came back to taylor bay beach, it was calmer and chiller.

you're close to las brisas, where you can rent a kayak and explore chalk sound. we found that quite beautiful. we also hit up turk's head brewery and did beer and rum flights - you're quite close in sapodilla bay. it's just after the second roundabout (i think) coming out of chalk sound.

if i think of anything else, i'll add to this post. i expected to want to "do" more, but once we got there, just chilling on the beach was all i ever wanted to do each day!

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re: about to land in Turks and Caicos...
Great job spending money with no plans

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re: about to land in Turks and Caicos...

Nothing planned yet
You should check out the thread here (Link) of the brown poster who is planning on coming to Essence Fest with her black friends in her circle.

She's put more thought into her trip than have you.
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re: about to land in Turks and Caicos...
Calamari at Las Brisas

Snorkeling at coral gardens

Conch shack is overrated. And shady if you take a wrong turn.


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