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Remote Building Needing Internet / Cameras

I have an offsite building (Slidell) that I need to provide internet access to for security cameras. I'm looking for suggestions for an ISP and cameras. Need cameras inside and outside. I was leaning towards looking at a wireless provide like Verizon instead of a traditional ISP but open to suggestions.

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re: Remote Building Needing Internet / Cameras

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re: Remote Building Needing Internet / Cameras
Cradlepoint router with a cell connection.

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re: Remote Building Needing Internet / Cameras

Cradlepoint router with a cell connection.

It will depend on the cameras.

Some cameras and or DVRs will need a public IP address. Some cell carriers will hide you behind a Gateway and make you pay outrageous fees for a static IP address.

Now if you are using a Nest, Ring, or any other subscription based system that stores its data in the cloud you should be fine.

If ATT has Fiber available at your location, they have reasonable rates and fast upload speeds compared to Charter or wireless providers that will throttle your upload speed.
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re: Remote Building Needing Internet / Cameras
Cameras like Reolink work great for this and there is no cost for a static IP etc.

Caveats: they use a good amount of bandwidth when you are viewing remotely. Might not perform particularly well when using the playback function or from your phone if the source is a wireless internet provider.

They are Chinese made and there have already been multiple Chinese camera makers that have been banned from US Government use bc it's proven they are Chinese-state influenced/compromised. These things are in houses/offices all over the country.


There ARE certified anti-Red cameras out there. They cost more though. I'd just put them on their own VLAN and not worry about it. Reolink is cheap and works well.

Wireless ISP is going to the tougher nut to crack in this case. I'm not of much help for that. You may be able to bring it to a company like Honeywell or Sonitrol. They may have some solutions for you but they will be $$$.

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