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What did City do this time?

Posted on 4/8/24 at 11:17 am
Posted by ShrevetownTiger
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Posted on 4/8/24 at 11:17 am
Everton with another 2 point deduction.
Posted by BlackCoffeeKid
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Posted on 4/8/24 at 12:20 pm to
“The deducted points which were subsequently deducted have been deducted once again by the relevant authorities.”

The Premier League is just a Monty Python sketch in disguise.
Posted by BamaCoaster
God's Gulf
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Posted on 4/8/24 at 1:15 pm to

Everton with another 2 point deduction.

Honestly, was prepared for worse.

Appealing and will maybe reduced to zero.

fricky thing is, this is Putin’s fault.
We had a Russian dude set to give us $220mil for shirt sponsor. EPL wouldn’t allow it after Ukrainian invasion. That plus new stadium=this.
Bout to have to sell Brainthwait and maybe Pickford after season…if we stay up.

Decision will be appealed and possibly reduced.
Posted by lsugorilla
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Posted on 4/11/24 at 10:43 pm to
I always thought it be cool if Everton had a lock company for shirt sponsor due to the lockup logo
Posted by SeeeeK
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Posted on 4/14/24 at 6:35 pm to
1 guy ,who does youtube stories, is in awe, that the crooked English FA, continues to punish other clubs, even putting some into their death beds, and let Man city just continue to skate.

English FA will give sheiks, or terror funders, a 30-40 day notice, they will bail on club, and then the 2-3 league punishment comes.

Posted by bad93ex
Walnut Cove
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Posted on 4/14/24 at 8:12 pm to

let Man city just continue to skate.

Today’s after game show had a fanook on stating “we will eventually get to Man City.” They know they’re guilty af but it’s bringing ratings for the league.
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