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Soccer team fitness trackers
I work for a smaller soccer club team in South America, and we are trying to start an official training program designed for our players. Very few teams have anything like this going, so we are hoping that it can help us gain an advantage.

I’m looking to see if anyone has some good information or experience with team fitness trackers that work specifically with normal soccer training activities.

We are looking for something that can obviously track heart rate, but also something that can be monitored in one spot simultaneously to measure any monitor that is being used- whether it is 4-5 players during training, or 11 players during a game. We’d love to have something that also has the ability to tell us overall distance ran and be able to easily look at history. Something in game and during normal training sessions/ practices.

We have a pretty tight budget, so we don’t have the budget for trial and error, so I’m trying to get as much information as possible.

Also, if anyone actually has some experience with upper level soccer training, particularly with advanced metrics and tracking, I’d love to maybe speak outside of this post.

Thanks for any help!

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re: Soccer team fitness trackers
Leeds uses Catapult


Im sure there are cheap alternatives that offer similar functions

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re: Soccer team fitness trackers
You will have trouble with the heart rate monitor. That isn't built into most systems (which rest between the shoulder blades) and is usually a separate system that goes across the chest and must sinc with the main tracking system.

There are a number of systems out there and they range in ability and price. If the club is going to be buying them then you would want to get a team based model that will let you upload all of the player data at once instead of each tracker individually.

Stat Sports is one of the biggest players and they have Pro and Team series which would likely work for you but they are NOT cheap.

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re: Soccer team fitness trackers
The school I work with uses Sonda for soccer and VX Sports for football I believe

They’ve used them for a few years so it seems like they’re pleased. I’ll be honest though I don’t really have much experience with them at all

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re: Soccer team fitness trackers
I think catapult is the main one used by soccer clubs. Not sure about cost though.

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re: Soccer team fitness trackers
Catapult is very expensive. You could check out Polar.

But honestly, you need someone watching that shite full time.

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