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re: Women Outraged Over Caitlin Clark's Base Contract vs NBA Men

Posted on 4/17/24 at 11:00 pm to
Posted by POTUS2024
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Posted on 4/17/24 at 11:00 pm to

WTF does everything in your life have to be political?

The people he's referencing are the ones that have made everything political.
Posted by SoFlaGuy
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Posted on 4/17/24 at 11:04 pm to
UFL players make $55k (just looked it up) and they’re not upset, neither is any single male on earth about it.
Posted by Plx1776
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Posted on 4/17/24 at 11:18 pm to
Nba puts asses in seats...and the stars become household names.

No one gives a shite about the WNBA. I mean, I don't doubt that the women put in their blood, sweat and tears. But, without drawing in more viewers, they need to stfu about low paychecks.
Posted by OutOfNames
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Posted on 4/18/24 at 5:48 am to

Start buying tickets and merchandise? Start watching the games on TV? Start subscribing to the live feeds?

They can't. Their choices have made food, housing, and "necessities" so expensive, they would have to eat the merchandise, starting with the jerseys.
Posted by Hoops
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Posted on 4/18/24 at 6:19 am to
The first and only response to every single post, tweet or whatever should just be Bill Burr talking about women not supporting these leagues
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