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The Purpose and Value of a 9x18 Pistol
1) Surplus pistols are cheap and easy to come by.
2) For their era, they have good ergonomics.
3) Fill a good role between .380 and 9x19.
4) Ammo isn't SO expensive.

1)In regards to concealability, there are far better, newer pistols out there.
2) Good, modern ammo is hard to come by.


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re: The Purpose and Value of a 9x18 Pistol
I have considered buying one before for the nostalgia value, the old school design, etc. But I realize that I have better guns to shoot and carry, so I would probably use it rarely, and it would just add another caliber to the ammo that I need to keep stocked up on.

But I may still get on someday just for the fun of it.

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re: The Purpose and Value of a 9x18 Pistol


I think it was just the Soviet copy of .380, from a cartridge standpoint, and the overwhelming number of examples will be a PM "Makarov" model, which itself was the Soviet take on the Walther PP/PPK. I don't view the cartridge as being superior or inferior to .380.

I have a relatively early Big Bear copy, with adjustable sights, and my only complaint has been the spring (and Euro style magazine release) - and that may even been a fit and finish issue on the lower, as opposed to the spring itself. In field stripping, it seems like the spring always hangs up on disassembly, or, more commonly reassembly. The spring is "sprung" now because of that and I need a new one.

From a shooting standpoint, it is about 85% of the weapon the PPK is, while only about half the price. It is very durable, reliable and accurate.
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re: The Purpose and Value of a 9x18 Pistol
I have a cz82 and like it a lot. For such an ugly and inexpensive gun it shoots great and will eat any ammo its fed but with the recent ammo buy out even the 9x18 is in short supply.

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re: The Purpose and Value of a 9x18 Pistol
I come back to the mentality of "It's a gun, it shoots, I want it" when I come across something like the 9x18

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