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re: Recs for a concealed carry(Non-1911 or Glock)

There's a whole raft of good single stack mini 9s now

You didn't answer the most important question of all...

Single stack or double stack?

Width is the MOST important dimension for CC. You're going to be carrying this thing very often and it needs to be comfortable. If it isn't comfortable, you won't carry often, and this complacency will lead to 0% carrying. You don't want that.


Buy the PM9 if you like paying extra for cosmetic touches you won't notice.
Kahr CM9 is the answer, or at least it was for me.

Completely agree.

I love my Kahr CM9. The thing about it I like a lot is the fact that I can pop it on and off quickly. With my SR9c in my White Hat holster, I can't take it off easily or put it on easily. So when I do this, I am committing to wear the clothes/holster combo for the day.

Think about if you want to carry a thicker or thinner gun and make your decision. I think a thinner gun fits the bill better because it can encompass different types of clothing rather than only fitting a single one.

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re: Recs for a concealed carry(Non-1911 or Glock)

question: For purposes of size comparison only, are you looking for something SMALLER, same size or BIGGER than a Glock model 19?

I'd say right about that size

6-7" long 4.75-5.5" tall

That helps some. In addition, Bapple's made a good point w/ the question of double wide mag vs. single wide guns.

I'd consider looking at the following guns.
single wide (some of these may be smaller than you want):
Kahr CM9/PM/CW9
Bersa BP 9cc
S&W Shield
Kimber Solo
Beretta Nano
?Springfield XDs 9 when available

double wide:
Ruger SR9
XD compact or service
I'm sure there are some Sigs in this category as well, but I'm just not very up to date w/ the current Sig line up.
ETA: S&W M&P series

As far as the Beretta PX series, I'm sure they're fine guns, but my preference is NOT a DA/SA trigger like theirs.
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re: Recs for a concealed carry(Non-1911 or Glock)
Look at single stack 9's for concealed carry. I can't stand wearing pants two sizes larger just to carry a full sized gun. I'm also chasing 3 kids around most days, so I get the shirt clumped up over my arse every time I bend over to pick one up while carrying my full size. I have much more mobility when carrying the smaller guns.

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re: Recs for a concealed carry(Non-1911 or Glock)

Thanks all, it gives me a starting point to work with and see what fits me best. Reason I asked on the px4 was because of great deal on a used one.

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