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Quality rod for casting from the shoreline?
Headed to GS/Orange Beach and I’d like to cast from the beach and stick the rod in the ground, plop my arse down in a chair and drink beer while I watch the line. Hoping to catch some pompano and the like. What’s a decent rod that you recommend?

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re: Quality rod for casting from the shoreline?
Pompano are normally close in, so any medium light to medium spinning rod, a 7 ft academy brand would be fine.

Of course you can spend hundreds of dollars on a rod also.

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re: Quality rod for casting from the shoreline?
Go to walmarks and get a $20 surf rig. You can throw it away when youre done.

It will be great for surf fishing, will haul anything in and when it seizes up the day you leave, you can just throw it in the trash.

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re: Quality rod for casting from the shoreline?

Go to walmarks and get a $20 surf rig. 

Couple Gulf rigs and some spider weights and you're in business. Don't forget the pvc sand spikes.

Sand fleas or market shrimo.

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re: Quality rod for casting from the shoreline?
Here is a surf fishing board with a lot of good info but you have to dig for it and there have been a rash of spam posts lately

I'm a fan of having both a long rod(10-13 ft) and short rod (7-8 ft).

I'm a big fan of Okuma Products but if you are looking for something quick here are a couple.

Penn Pursuit II 7' rod and reel combo

Penn Pursuit II 10' rod and reel combo

I use braided line with pompano rigs, if they don't have circle hooks, replace the hooks with circle hook of the same size or smaller. I'd recommend fishbites as one bait choice. The one I show is crab so you can see what the package looks like but I prefer the sand flea. They make a shrimp, and clam as well. cut them into small pieces (thunbnail or slightly larger) if you get the strips like I do.


Additionally you'll probably want to get something like shrimp for bait. I like live shrimp but fresh dead, frozen or salt cured shrimp also work. If not live I actually prefer the salt cured shrimp, you can do that yourself with non iodized salt and fresh shrimp but they do sell it at the Walmart in Gulf Shores

Lastly, get a rod holder sand spike like below. You can buy them or make your own out of 1 1/2 inch PVC. Here is a guide but I have not typically flared mine out.

Beach Sand Spike

Sand spikes they had at Walmart last time I was in GS

At the end of the day, rinse your reel, including the handle, with gently running water, do not use pressure, for several minutes, you should see the water begin to run clear. After, I use reel magic to displace the water. I rinse the rod eys and terminal tackle as well and spray those with reel magic also.

Hope that helps, surf fishing is one of my favorite things.

ETA: cheap throw away rig is not a bad option if you have no intention of doing this again. Spider weights are a great idea, I use Gemini or sputnik type weights which are a modified version of a spider weight. Gemini's with a long tail are my first choice. I have them from 2 to 6 oz. I doubt you'll need anything more than 4, probably not more than 2. Pyramid sinkers are my next choice if you cant find the spiders/Genine/sputnik.
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