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re: Gun cleaner and lube
Rem-Oil & CLP are both good. As is just about anything labeld as "gun oil."

Just remember, "less is more." Too much oil will gum up a gun. Put no more lube than the manufacturer recommends -- even if it seems like they are recommending a very small amount.

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re: Gun cleaner and lube

Breakfree ftw

I'll also add that I like Eezox, as well as Breakfree CLP, as a single oil to "clean, lubricate and protect". Ballistol is also supposed to be a good CLP type product, but I can't stand it's smell. The smell of BF CLP doesn't bother me; I actually like the smell of Eezox.

I've never used RemOil, but have heard some good things about it. There are a lot of good gun cleaning solvents out there (including Shooter's Choice, Bore Shine, Hoppe's #9 to name a few), but I find myself simplifying my agents some.

Eezox and BF CLP are also great at protecting from rust and corrosion.

Whatever you use, just DON'T use WD40.......

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