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re: did DA have a good hiring and firing record on picking coaches with the raiders

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How can you quantify a good hiring and firing record if he's never had a winning season?

Being stuck with staff you didn't want hamstrings coaches more than you think. Being saddled with Sean Payton's staff could've been why Allen hasn't looked comfortable in his own skin the last two seasons. Holdovers are a hard bunch to please even if you've worked with them already. Hiring Kubiak could be the start of something good.
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It may be a simple question, but it's also one that I doubt anyone on this board could ever know. How involved was DA in the decision making process for his coaching staff? The Davis' have been known to intervene in a lot of the decisions and want input/control. How much of that is because of the way Al ran the team and is being projected onto Mark, and how much of that did Mark carry over when he became owner in 2011 (DA was Mark's 1st head coach hire)?

that is a good point i forgot about.

al is a well known meddler just like jerry jones is so i guess its not an easy question to answer.

Not just like Jones in that Al was a scout, O-line coach, and head coach with sucessful teams in his own right.

But he was just a bit of a control freak
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How can you quantify a good hiring and firing record if he's never had a winning season?

well as far as were his hires thought of as good coaches and good hires who just didnt work out. or were they just bad choices to be coaches and they never had success anywhere else after.

just trying to get a possible read on his history, good or bad, as far as hiring coaches to his staff.

payton hire spagnola and that didnt work out, but now spagnola is on the top of the wish list for teams wanting to hire. so wins and losses dont always tell the story
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I don't recall what happened with Richard, he may have been fired, but it appears he stepped away from football. I do not see any records of him coaching at any position in NFL or College in 2023 or 2024. Very rarely do you see someone that was a coordinator not at least land as a position coach somewhere 1-2 years after unless they are no longer pursuing coaching (especially in their mid-40s).

He interviewed with the Raiders for their head coach job before they ultimately kept Pierce.
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Everything Dennis Allen does is worse than everybody else.
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