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re: How many years do you think Durant has left at an elite level?

at least 4-5

So, a 7' tall shooting guard, With multiple injuries, that's almost 40 years old playing at an All Star level?

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Interesting. Too bad Harden’s body gave out on him that year in the playoffs and Kyrie hurt his ankle in game 1 or 2 of that Bucks series.
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Elite top 5-10 player? Probably 2-3 years barring injury.

Top 25 or so? Probably got 5 years or so minimum. People forget Durant was a capable weak side defender in Golden State too. Even as his athleticism declines, he’ll get his shot. Once it declines, he’ll move into more of a PF role on defense. Cover close outs but his main priority will be weak side defensive help. And against the majority of 4s and even 5s, that’ll be enough to get by.

Durant sometime around 2012 started to model his game more after Dirk Nowitzsky, Ben stealing his one legged fade away. In large part because of how effective it was even without elite athleticism. Durant was/is a freak specimen and with modern training, he should be a walking bucket up until he’s 40 at the very minimum.

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