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Corporate Knowledge
David Fisher over at TBW talking about a term the Spurs have been using for the value that comes from team continuity, Corporate Knowledge.


The Pelicans, up until this training camp, have sorely lacked for corporate knowledge. While no team (in professional sports) can compete with the continuity that the Spurs have established, New Orleans has greatly improved in this area. Let's see how the Pelicans (then-Hornets) roster has evolved in the past three seasons.

...[From Year 1 AD]
Camps Minutes
Jason Smith 2 2049
Greivis Vasquez 1 1706
Al-Farouq Aminu 1 1477
Lance Thomas 1 630
Ryan Anderson 1 0
Robin Lopez 1 0
Anthony Davis 1 0
Austin Rivers 1 0
Brian Roberts 1 0
Roger Mason 1 0
Darius Miller 1 0
Xavier Henry 1 0
Hakim Warrick 1 0
Eric Gordon 0 310

...[From Year 3 AD (this year)]

Camps Minutes
Anthony Davis 3 4204
Ryan Anderson 3 3298
Austin Rivers 3 2757
Darius Miller 3 1417
Eric Gordon 2 3631
Tyreke Evans 2 2028
Jrue Holiday 2 1143
Jeff Withey 2 684
Alexis Ajinca 1 951
Luke Babbitt 1 473
Omer Asik 1 0
John Salmons 1 0
Jimmer Fredette 1 0
Russ Smith 1 0
Patric Young 1 0


It's hard to read in this format so you probably should go to the article, but we definitely have a lot more "Corporate Knowledge" this year than we did a few years ago. Everybody seems ready to write us off as the 5th best team in the division, but I don't think this team is ready to concede anything to the rest of the division.

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re: Corporate Knowledge
Barring injuries I don't see how this team doesn't take a huge step forward.

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re: Corporate Knowledge

Barring injuries I don't see how this team doesn't take a huge step forward.

I feel like we say that every year
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re: Corporate Knowledge
With Davis, the sky is the limit

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re: Corporate Knowledge

Everybody seems ready to write us off as the 5th best team in the division

I dont think it's that so much as the other 4 teams in the division are really really good.

IMO part of the reason for feeling that way is due to Fisher being absurdly defensive of any (fair or not) criticism of the moves Demps has made w/r/t the draft. I imagine he hears from morons a lot, but he carries a significant chip on his shoulder in nearly every piece he writes.

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re: Corporate Knowledge
We went 3-1 vs Memphis last year with a point differential better than +20. We might not be able to hang with San Antonio on any given night but we're a playoff-caliber team in any given game. The problem last year was just putting it all together, and if you don't have so many damn injuries last year, that's not a problem.

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