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re: Thoughts on Child’s Play

The cop’s mother

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re: Thoughts on Child’s Play
watched this last night. not sure how i felt about it. i think it missed on being a AI operated doll instead of a possessed doll when compared to the original. maybe i'm wrong. i liked it, but if you haven't seen it, i'd wait for the DVD/Bluray.

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re: Thoughts on Child’s Play
Saw this tonight. It was a lot better than I was expecting it to be. Also a lot more violent than I thought it would be. The tiller kill was fantastic. And the Texas Chainsaw homage with the watermelon was brilliant. Wish they would have done more with the Buddy 2 dolls at the end.

I prefer the Don Mancini version of Chucky but this was well done and I'd watch a sequel.

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re: Thoughts on Child’s Play
the wife is a huge chuckie fan - to the point i got her a 3 foot chuckie doll for her birthday. what was great is we took it to the theater and got there before most - so when they filled in to their seats, there was a 3 foot chuckie waiting for them - we freaked some people out lol.

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re: Thoughts on Child’s Play
I went in expecting to hate this, but the kids wanted to see it. It was surprisingly good! Thought Hamill was great and the other acting was fine.
Aubrey Plaza is definately easy on the eyes as well!

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