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re: David Chase confirms Tony was whacked in the final scene of The Sopranos

easy to say now that James G has passed ...... no chance for a feature, so that's a convenient interpretation

But is it though? The four corners of the scene appear to give us all we need. We have (if memory serves me) 3 primary POV angles. Door facing Tony, Tony's POV and close around the table.

During the scene, every time the bell rings when the door opens, Tony looks up, angle switches to Tony's POV, then shifts again. The main background sound is the chatter around the diner. We see all the false alarms (not Tony's family), cycle repeats. Family members come in, cycles repeats. We have Meadow getting the car parked...finally, then the bell rings, Tony looks up, then nothing.

If that isn't Tony getting whacked, he's unwhackable.

It would be more "convenient" if they wanted to retcon that into something else, like Tony shot, but somehow survives like Sil, then comes out of a coma later.

It is the opposite of convenient to interpret the scene as Tony's death because the scene is clearly (and relatively unambiguously) Tony's death scene.

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re: David Chase confirms Tony was whacked in the final scene of The Sopranos

You don't rat-frick the entire public into making this into some long mind-game where people speculate for years.

You let them watch the fricking finale and move on.

David Chase wins. This thread, and 1000s of others like this one all over the World Wide Web in hundreds of different languages, is proof.

My favorites are the ones the Italians come up with about nosomuch was he wacked, because they all agree he was wacked, but which family wacked him? It wasn’t a lagged whack still lingering after Phil Leotardo had already been whacked hours before ... it was Phil’s boys Butch and Albie cleaning up lose ends so that no one would ever know they had cut a deal with Tony to let Phil get whacked, which would be unforgivable if any of the other five families found out.

The Italians have the mafia stuff down to a science. I used to love watching the Italian mafia shows when I was living over there. They went all out to be realistic right down to the Camorra in Naples not only owns the docks (that supply or Navy) and the garbage unions ... but they control the TV/ as well, Hollywood on the Tiber. There is a big battle going on over there right now with their film industry falling on hard times and it’s being blamed on the mafia’s influence with a lot of actors and voice over specialists raising hell about the mafia’s control.

If anyone ever gets a chance and doesn’t mind the subtitles, the movie Gomorra is one of the best ever mafia flicks. Won all sorts of international awards.

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re: David Chase confirms Tony was whacked in the final scene of The Sopranos

Glad they cleared that up for those people who denied the inevitable.

Of course he did because James Gandolfini is dead now. If James was still alive no way he does that because they always wanted to leave the possibility on the table for a mini-series or movie. Obviously that is off the table now unless they want to go the Tony, Jr. route.

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re: David Chase confirms Tony was whacked in the final scene of The Sopranos
Patsy was working with New York to whack Tony and take over the family.

He had the motive (Tony ordered Philly to be whacked)

He knew where Tony would be through his son’s relationship with Meadow

Then there was the awkward scene at Tony’s house where Patsy’s wife was eyeing all of the shite in Tony’s house

You also have to figure New York couldn’t let Phil having his head run over and being whacked so brazenly stand. Eye for an eye
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re: David Chase confirms Tony was whacked in the final scene of The Sopranos
Nope. Tony didn’t die. frick you, David Chase.

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