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re: ASOIAF "What if?" *spoilers*
I think the whole plan went to shite was when Viserys got the golden crown. Westeros would have allied with him being king they would not have jumped to the aid of a dorthraki king regardless of the bloodline of his woman

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re: ASOIAF "What if?" *spoilers*

All that plus, the Dothraki are a "kill the head the body will die" force

That's a pretty massive assumption to make given the little information we have. Oh, so after Khal Drogo's death the Dothraki army factioned off because they didn't want to follow a foreign Khaleesi? Gee, what a shocker! They were in their homeland. You think they'd react in the same way if they were in the middle of a war in Westeros (on the opposite side of the ocean)? And in a war where they'd seen their brothers, cousins, uncles, fathers, et al. lose their lives they'd just fall to pieces? I just don't see that. The battlefield has a way of unifying troops that is difficult to quantify. At the point of Drogo's death they were, at least in regards to that engagement, unbloodied. Were they to have actually invaded that would have changed quickly.

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re: ASOIAF "What if?" *spoilers*
When a Khal dies a new one is chosen by combat. The Dothraki are not well organized. There were two other lower Khals to Drogo that sat with him at Kai Dothraki. He killed one of them in the Lambsmen town. That's how he got injured. When he fell from his horse they were ready to bolt. Even then in fighting ensued and two new Khals emerged and dipped out. All that was left was three bloodriders and slaves.

If Robert hasn't had died to split Westeros and the Dothraki came they wouldn't have stood a chance. Remember we're talking about a group that had never been on water. And as we saw there is no chance of taking KL without a navy on one side and even then they would have been roasted by the wildfire.

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re: ASOIAF "What if?" *spoilers*

Which is why he killed Kevan......

Little finger just sped up his plans before he was ready

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