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What happens to all of the Big East exit fees?
Curious on how the Big East splits up the exit fee money. Looking at $50-60 million.

$20 million from West Virginia
$5 million from TCU(think it was lowered)
$7.5 million from Syracuse
$7.5 million from Pitt
$10 million from Boise State
$??? million from Notre Dame

Did Pitt & Syracuse get a piece of West Virginia's payment, or did they forfeit that? Do the Catholic Basketball schools get any, or do they owe $$$? Will they schools who are joining in '14 &'15(Tulane/Navy) get any?

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re: What happens to all of the Big East exit fees?
I guess that if a school was in a conference on a particular day (not counting ones like TCU and Boise who never participated in conference play) that the money (or a payment on it) was paid, they would get some share.

But yeah, the Big Least may need to keep an entire law firm and an entire CPA firm on retainer just to sort things out.

I guess eventually the SEC will have to figure out how to split up exit fees from departing members ... oh wait ...

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