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re: "Louisiana" wimps out. Drops out versus Michigan State to play Wake Forest.

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I hope ULM brings the wood to ULL and forces the issue.

There is zero issue. UL may have surpassed even LSU in research dollars this past year, if not its very close. That’s with no medical school as well.
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UL may have surpassed even LSU in research dollars this past year, if not its very close.

Kind of hard to nail down LSU as the singular university as they tout research expenditures for the LSU system at large.

2023 numbers aren't out, as 2022 numbers were just reported late last year. UL reported $205 million as a university for 2022 while the LSU system reported $428 million while noting $345 million from the "Baton Rouge Campuses". Still don't think that's an apples to apples university comparison as Baton Rouge has system affiliates like the AgCenter and Pennington BioMed.

Still while UL has upped their expenses and closed the gap, you'd assume LSU still outranks based on size and means available.
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It's honorable to feel secure in your place in higher education in the state of Louisiana, but if we felt secure in our place, we'd still be a SLII. It's funny to me that in all aspects of life, growth and aspiration are celebrated and encouraged - except for UL Lafayette.

When the President of LSU publicly comes out in the 1980s and openly says that USL going to "UL" threatens the perception of LSU, that tells us all we need to know. It's simple: backwardness.
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