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re: Duck Dynasty Dad is a former La Tech QB

His status as a QB @ Tech was that he played ahead of Bradshaw. All that really says Bradshaw probably hadn't developed yet and Phil probably peaked as a player

Exactly. Some act like he walked away from millions of dollars and a pro career because he loved duck hunting so much.

That Redskins story is just absurdly fricking dumb though

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re: Duck Dynasty Dad is a former La Tech QB
I don't think anyone believes he was a lock for the HOF...sand in some vages.

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re: Duck Dynasty Dad is a former La Tech QB
Apparently some of you don't know wtf you are talking about and just want to put someone down. He did walk away from having the potential of a great career in the NFL. If he would not have walked away after his Jr year, you wouldn't know who TB is. Terry was either 1 year behind or the same year as PR. Terry has thanked Phil in his books for leaving so he could see the field at Tech. Terry would take reps at practice until PR would get there from the woods. You really don't understand that to some, sports aren't everything. To Phil ducks are as close to the top of the list as God and family.
The Redskins story is factual. As any good story teller does, he makes it more interesting. But, he did try out and he did turn it down because he wanted to hunt. We may hunt on weekends and a week here for vacation. These guys hunt every single day the season is open, rain, sleet, 95 deg.. Doesn't matter, they are 365 days a year duck hunters. They happen to make calls to sell to support their habit!!
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