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re: What is the biggest position in your portfolio and why?
Investment RE - free cash flow, ROI, tax advantages
Individual TIPS and I-Bonds bought when coupons were ~ 3% + inflation adjustment
VSS bought in 4/2009
VEIRX same
XOM last added when BP rocked sector pricing

I don't get the love for DRIPs, especially in a taxable account just because of all the small, irregular shares purchased and potential tax headache. It would be much simpler to open an account where you get free trades, like WellsTrade with PMA, get 100 free trades and let all dividends flow to cash, then buy larger round lots of whatever is the best investment opportunity at that time. I don't have a single taxable holding that reinvests dividends or capital gains. I don't necessarily believe past performance will be mirrored in the future, nor do I own any individual Chinese nor Russian shares as the investment risk, due to a myriad of issues, is extreme.

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re: What is the biggest position in your portfolio and why?

I can't find DWS Stable Value Fund. What else does it go by?
The name of the fund is now Federated Capital Preservation Fund. I’m not recommending it. It is a stable value fund that is offered in my 401K administered by Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management.

I have been moving funds monthly from stock to bond funds with in my 401k because my overall stock to bond ratio is too high. This fund offers the lowest average maturity and duration of any in my 401k. I am sacrificing some current yield for safety against rates that are almost sure to go up in the next few years.

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