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Showrooming.......if this kills brick and morter stores
will a new business type crop up in it's place? I don't think people will stop wanting to see certain products before they buy online.

Could you see some businesses shifting to being ONLY showrooms? IE, they would simply have items on display for you to see and maybe have the following.

1)The net effect of a current "Red Laser" display under the product showing top 3 internet prices

2)Kiosks in the store to make purchase right at the point

3)Business works deal to get tiny cut of sale from online vendor in a similar fashion to "click thru" type of fees online.

If all brick and morter stores like Best Buy actually stopped being able to carry stock, I could even see these places having very small entrance fees to "showroom".

In any case, I wonder if this is where we'll land in the coming decade.

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re: Showrooming.......if this kills brick and morter stores
For something like this to work you would need to be a in a big market area IMO, like a Dallas, Chicago or New York. It may not work well in mid size markets like New Orleans or Orlando.

Showrooming is not only going to kill many retailers but also hurt the retail real estate market, commercial construction, trucking companies and so on.

My background is in traditional retail and e-commerce. Amazon is the beast out there right now. They're retail pricing is so cheap in some areas even niche industry e-commerce retailers with good wholesale buying power have trouble competing.

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re: Showrooming.......if this kills brick and morter stores
I've heard amazon has considered building stores.

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