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Which programs best develop elite prospects? LSU #6
5-year study to determine which programs have best developed four and five-star players. LSU sitting at #6. Florida #1?


To fairly access a successful development, 247Sports created a “Development Rating.” It's a measure that takes into account the total number of Top247 prospects a program had along with where/if those players were drafted (3 points for 1st rounders, 2 points for 2nd-3rd, 1 for 4th-7th), dividing the total number of prospects by the point total to create the rating. This removes any advantage created by a program’s ability to recruit an overwhelming number of Top247 players. It also rewards programs that produce more first- and second-day picks.


LSU is an unsurprising member of the top 6, checking in with a .89 Development Rating. The Tigers turned 50 percent of their 44 qualified players into NFL Draft picks, including 12 Day 1 or 2 prospects.


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re: Which programs best develop elite prospects? LSU #6
Miami lol

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re: Which programs best develop elite prospects? LSU #6
Stupid metric, doesn’t account for whether the prospect is #1 overall or #32 overall, or #33 overall or #379 overall. Nor does it give more points for the #379 guy getting drafted in the first or dock points for the #1 overall recruit getting drafted in the 3rd. Just a weird system overall

ETA: that being said, glad to see LSU near the top 5
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re: Which programs best develop elite prospects? LSU #6
ole miss 7

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