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Ways to Influence the Board to make a decision
I am a graduate from LSU from 2004.I am a bit of a bandwagon fan as i got to be there in campus during the Glory Days.

Initially when Les came in, I equated his "Let her rip" video and expected that this guy is going to field a fighting team that will punch above its weight.
In 2005 I gave him a pass for the home loss to UT after Katrina,then
came the loss to Auburn,It was a game in which play calling was unnecessarily conservative and we lost it.
I remember the game so well, because i have been made to endure the same feeling year after year.

There have been changes in personnel,staff- OC,DC.
But this has been a recurring phenomena.
As LSU faithful you have all endured the same.
Somehow Les has able to survive by getting good talent and ride on the coattails of "once in a generation talents" like PP,TM,Claiborne,Dorsey,Hill,Landry,etc.

I know a lot of Tiger Faithful have felt this crushing of their passion by the Head Coach and this is the primary reason he has to be let go. LSU football has been a discombobulated mess for a while and we need to bring in a semblance for functionality.

As the fan's how can we influence the board, I, as most of you love the fall season for the prospect of watching my favorite team in all of sports play.And year after year since 05 that passion has eroded.

I am sorry about giving a long prelude before getting to the crux,here it goes.
As stakeholders of LSU, most of our stake is only the passion.We should be able to influence the decision making to a certain degree and be ready to do that.
Some of the things that have come to my mind are
1.Not filling up the stadium
2.Abstain from watching the game
3.Emailing the board of the displeasure, if you have a direct contact
4.Keeping the noise level high in the media by calling into radio shows like Hanagriff and chat rooms.
5.Calling into Les's Show.

In doing that we have to show utmost restraint and decency and not call names on Les,etc.
this is just a business decision where as stakeholders we are exerting our influence.

Any name calling,booing,etc is going to show the fans in a bad light.If you really care about LSU either leave early or don't go to games.Booing is very juvenile.

I know TLDR,but i needed to put my two cents over there.

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re: Ways to Influence the Board to make a decision
Jennings was accountable for 217 yards and 3 TD's yesterday. Should we?

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re: Ways to Influence the Board to make a decision
You've been watching games during what is objectively--by far--the greatest 17-year run in the program's history. Nobody gives a shite about your passion? And quit watching games? Are you fricking serious?

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re: Ways to Influence the Board to make a decision
Your writing is terrible. Please stop telling people you are an LSU graduate.

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re: Ways to Influence the Board to make a decision
Make $500MM this year and get you a spot. That's your best chance

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