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The Defensive Game plan and adjustments
I am perfectly fine with the initial game plan. Florida has proven to need big plays to score lately, not one that usually drives the field.

With the first real hostile action for Trask, I have no problem with a lot of softer coverage, drop 7-8 and see if he makes a mistake, while also making sure they don't get an easy big play. Make them make the plays.

And to be fair, we have to give Trask a lot of credit. He hit a lot of throws into a lot of tight windows. To me, he seemed more accurate than I've seen him in any appearance this year.

With their first scoring drive, they converted several third down and medium to long throws. I am perfectly fine with Dave going back to this, thinking that they are unlikely to continue converting. My problem starts coming in after the second TD drive. At that point, its clear what we are doing is not working. Why we don't immediately shift into the next plan is odd to me.

In the second half, we finally started becoming more aggressive on a more frequent basis. Trask's throws become less perfect and he forced quite a few things.

However, on long long third downs, they used the exact same strategy of quick outside screen to convert it twice. On those long third downs, I would have much rathered the softer coverage we played in the first half, letting them throw it underneath and make the sure tackle. It bothers me that we got beat on the exact same thing twice like that.

The defense had several chances, especially in the second half, for interceptions or stops that would have made the game much easier, and probably allowed a few more scores by our offense. Queen couldn't knock a pass down. Delpit couldn't corral an interception. Phantom personal foul roughing the passer call (I don't necessarly blame the defense, but they guy went in low enough that it became a potential call). Our defense is just not making the critical plays often enough.

TL:DR (and if you think that, find a message board that doesn't discuss things) - Aranda's initial game plan was a solid thought process. His adjustments came late, but also became predictable which gave up some key big plays. Our defensive players also are not coming through with the big play often enough, even when presented with the chance.

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re: The Defensive Game plan and adjustments

The Defensive Game plan and adjustments

It was clear Aranda put the defense in a 'bend, don't break' mindset.

We've seen Dan Mullen at Florida for two years. Who could have imagined that sudden improvement into an elite unit over the course of a week with a backup QB?

It was never going to last. Before we talk about how bad the defense was, I hope everyone understands just how well the Florida offense executed last night.

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re: The Defensive Game plan and adjustments
The first half would have gone a lot better had we had pressure from the DL. We didn’t really get it until the 2nd half. If we could have gotten pressure, the game would have been even further out of reach. The defense as a whole is fine. You can’t beat LSU running the ball. They play solid on the back end. The defense just needs the big guys to get in the backfield more.

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