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Playing Scared,Playing Not to Lose
I think we are a real good team with great players and good coaches.
But i have always found us playing scared when we get into a game where the opponent is defiant and does not lie down to take the onslaught.
Case in Point
2006 Auburn,2006 UF,2005 UT,2009 UF,2010 Penn State,2012 Auburn,2011 Bama
We can rectify the drops,we can rectify the penalties,we can rectify the turnovers,if we do so we can win a lot of games and might even win the NC.
But we have to understand that when we get into a dogfight its up to the players and luck to bail us out.

Our coach can play the role of an underdog well,but when we are favored and we get into a fight,we will almost always play not to lose.
That's just the way it is.
Just my two cents.Again this is not a dis,just an observation.

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re: Playing Scared,Playing Not to Lose
After the second fumble the play calling was way, way too vanilla minus about 3 plays.

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re: Playing Scared,Playing Not to Lose
It wasn't playing scared last night. It was playing to prevent an inexperienced QB on the road from making a fatal mistake.

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re: Playing Scared,Playing Not to Lose
Well we won.

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re: Playing Scared,Playing Not to Lose
There was a drive in the 2nd half when we were inside our own 35. We threw it 3 straight times. All incompletions. Play calling wasnt the problem.

Execution was.

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