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re: O really sticking it to USC Trojans
Reading all these comments about CEO holding a grudge and sticking it to USC etc, I’m thinking he has plenty more important things on his mind than fricking with USC.
I’ll bet USC isn’t anywhere within the first hundred or so things he thinks about daily.

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re: O really sticking it to USC Trojans
I don't think he's sticking it to USC at all. Coach O has obviously made connections with folks at USC and has been leveraging those connections to his advantage. I wondered why John Robinson was brought in. I believe it was to teach the coaches and players how to handle winning. Look at how the team acted all season. Besides the one incident where Chaisson took his shirt off and went over to the opposing (Ole Miss?) sideline pregame and got in a fight, they were disciplined and handled their business like professionals.

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re: O really sticking it to USC Trojans

Then you missed the news.
No, actually I didn't, I knew that his cajun voice was mainly the reason he probably wasn't hired by Haden. But my point was he was still very much loved and respected by everyone around USC including Haden in his own weird, spoiled way. It's just that Haden was looking at him specifically as a fit for the culture there in LA and he didn't think he was coming from south LA, and so that was his mistake, a "big" mistake. But I mean the players there and everyone around from the staff to front office people tried to tell Haden's ass, otherwise.
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re: O really sticking it to USC Trojans
All coaches draw from where their experiences and contacts have O will draw from USC, Ole Miss, etc.

It is immature to think that O is doing this on purpose to USC.

Aranda did the same....his contacts were at LSU.

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