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re: Myles Brennan Weight...He's up to 194 now
After Brennan left his residence at 8:13am to hopefully eat a hearty breakfast filled with complex carbs and bacon, I was able to let myself in to install a large animal scale (the zoo killed all their elephants and half the giraffes so they won't miss it) under his bed. I got a good measurement on his bed weight so I can now use my newly installed baby monitor to see how much he adds to it each night when he nestles in to slumber. We may have to Pre-weigh any females who enter his abode to get an actual weight of only the quarterback as I assume he slaughters tail frequently. I'll work on that tonight.

Still hovering around 197 it seems. Gonna Amazon prime some cheese and see if that doesn't block him up some.

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re: Myles Brennan Weight...He's up to 194 now
If I brought him to Rocky And Carlos in Chalmette for some homemade mac and cheese with red gravy...would that be a NCAA violation?

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re: Myles Brennan Weight...He's up to 194 now
He is the future and the young man to lead us to beating the gumps

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re: Myles Brennan Weight...He's up to 194 now

Gaining weight is a little different than growing 2 inches, although it's not unheard of for a 17/18 year old to grow an inch or two. That said, Scott didn't grow two inches.

High School and College athletes...they keep getting bigger and faster until the NFL combines...they shrink and get slower at that point.

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