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Recruiter History

Serious question...I know the current results are not an indication either way, but has LSU Football ever had a better collective group of historically good/great recruiters like this before?

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I don’t believe there’s an objective way of demonstrating that, but subjectively you’d like to think this is the best. Recruiting services are still pretty modern, so there’s not enough hard data to point to. If it’s not the best group, it’s damn close.

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Having prime O, Corey, Frank, and Les in 2015 was one of the only ones you could put it up there with. Finished with the #2 ranked signing class.

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Saban, boom, jimbo, and whoever else was on that staff had to be one of the best ever. Boom couldn't get scar over the hump, but he could recruit his a** off.

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Having prime O, Corey, Frank, and Les in 2015

2015 had a host of great recruiters on staff. In addition to the 4 you mentioned, Kevin Steele had been a recruiter of the year previously and BDP, for all his failures, was a great recruiter. Grimes wasn't bad either.

This staff has that same feel. A bunch of guys who can really recruit and who help each other out on the recruiting trail.
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