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Roof Replacement + Home Addition
How does this actually work? We plan to add on to our house in the coming years and also will need our 15 year old roof replaced

Should I just get it all done at the same time? Would insurance still cover the replacement if we're adding onto the home and adding roof?

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re: Roof Replacement + Home Addition
Is your roof needing to be replaced due to damage that the insurance will pay for? I would think they are only going to pay for the old roof that is damaged if so. But you should be able to get it all done at same time. Just need contractor to separate costs for the different sections.

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re: Roof Replacement + Home Addition
If the roof damage is covered by insurance, then insurance will determine what is damaged and how much you get. Let's say it is 10k, they would cut a check, minus some hold back that you would get back after the roof is replaced, the roofer can then do whatever work is needed to the roof and apply the $10 to the total cost of the work.

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re: Roof Replacement + Home Addition
I added acovered porch about 6 months before I filed a roof claim. The whole thing got replaced including the new shingles so it would all match. Same deductible covered it all

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