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Outdoor Motion Sensor Floodlights with Camera
Hi! I'm looking into installing some of these on a house I'm moving into and the Ring floodlight cameras look AMAZING.


However, they need electrical expensive would that be to add wiring where there was none previously?

Also, are there any that DON'T need electric wiring? Or if I'm going to spend that much, another brand/solution you might recommend?

Thanks H&G Board!

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re: Outdoor Motion Sensor Floodlights with Camera
I currently have a love hate relationship w/ my Ring floodlight. I have turned it to the least sensitive setting and reduced the activity zone to NOTHING and it still goes off with the slightest movement

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re: Outdoor Motion Sensor Floodlights with Camera
The only issue I’ve had with the Ring Floodlight Camera was a piece of pine straw got caught on the sensor and kept sending alerts.

I had to tap into an electrical line in my garage to install mine, but that was as simple as adding a new light. You just have to make sure your electrical line is grounded.

Hiring a licensed electrician will be a couple hundred dollars probably, but you could get a handyman cheaper. Or just do it yourself

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re: Outdoor Motion Sensor Floodlights with Camera
We installed a battery operated one at our camp last year. Got some good video of the Amite coming up this weekend.

ETA: it was the spotlight...not the flood light.
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re: Outdoor Motion Sensor Floodlights with Camera
- very good quality video
- very easy to navigate interface and you can 'scrub forward and backwards' to quickly pan through multiple video clips captured during the course of a day
- always picks up the action 3 seconds or so before the camera is triggered so you never miss what caused it.
- owned by amazon so not likely to end up in a scrappile of smart doodads like most flash-in-the-pan devices these days
- ring customer support is the bomb.

- you need power, usually not a problem if you're swapping out a traditional floodlight
- wifi signal is terrible. since these are outdoors you will almost certainly not have sufficient signal strength for HD. however ring will toss in a free mini-signal-booster if you call them and complain that you can plug into a wall inside near the camera
- spotlight and camera are 2 separate sensors so you need to understand that and you have to set the sensitivity of each separately to dial them in.
- $3/mo charge if you don't want to cripple your camera's functionality and it goes up to $10/mo i think if you have multiple ring cameras

i keep hoping since amazon owns ring and they have virtually unlimited storage capabilities they will start waiving the monthly fee for prime members but that hasn't happened yet.
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