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re: Cleaning a vertical dryer vent - DIY?

Why does yours run after the dryer is off ?

I thought they were pressure regulated ? They go on/off with the dryer.

Nah most have a temperature sensor, or all the ones I’ve had. It’s something like 110 degrees I believe. So it takes a couple minutes once the dryer shuts off for it to cool down enough to flip the power back off.

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re: Cleaning a vertical dryer vent - DIY?
I don’t know if mine has a temp sensor or a pre programmed run time after the dryer stops.

I do know mine uses the air pressure in the line to know if it needs to turn on. I figured that out one day when it was windy outside and I opened the laundry room door and heard the fan kick on. Wife says it will kick on sometimes if she closes the dryer door quickly.

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re: Cleaning a vertical dryer vent - DIY?

Mine is 12’ vertical and 18’ horizontal in the attic with a inline booster fan. I used to clean it every couple of years, but now I just replace the sections of pipe. The sections of pipe are cheap at Lowe’s. I have good attic access so it is easy. My vertical also does not go down the wall, it comes out the ceiling, through an overhead cabinet and then to the dryer. Makes the process of replacement easier.

I did this same thing. Pretty easy. Coburns also has the rigid pipe. It was easy to replace the horizontal section.

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re: Cleaning a vertical dryer vent - DIY?
Mine has a current sensor that switches on when the dryer turned on.

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re: Cleaning a vertical dryer vent - DIY?
Went up in the attic this weekend to check out the vent. I forgot that there's about 16 inches of blown in cellulous insulation up there. Can't really get to where the vent is at without compressing a bunch of the insulation. Any ideas?

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