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Firefox on Android Issues.

Posted on 10/18/22 at 7:16 pm
Posted by LSURep864
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Posted on 10/18/22 at 7:16 pm
Just curious if there was anything that could be done for the Firefox on Android and some janky behavior.

I typically just end up using a chromium based browser to remedy it. But I'd much prefer Firefox and tiger droppings is my primary website I use on mobile.

Anyway to describe the actual issue. On any chromium or WebKit based browser on Mobile. If you click the forums button to the top right it correctly jumps the page down to the My Forums section.

However on Firefox for Android which I believe is Gecko, when you click the forums button to the top right it only jumps about 1/10th down the page. Essentially breaking the intended flow of the website and user interface. Leaves you manually scrolling down and back up the page looking for the right spot.

Again for this reason I've just used Chromium browsers on Android for years. However if there's anything that could be done about it that would be great so I could support something other than the Chromium monopoly.

From my time on iOS all browsers work fine there because they are all WebKit reskins. Also Firefox and Gecko based browsers have zero issues on desktop.
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Posted by chili pup
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Posted on 3/27/24 at 3:49 pm to
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Posted by paperwasp
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Posted on 3/28/24 at 6:52 am to
Not yours specifically, but in my experience mobile chromium-based browsers also have some issues in this regard.

In a reply title if you click on a poster’s name (e.g., Posted by X to Y) it’s supposed to take you back to view that parent comment, but oftentimes it will put me back in a random spot on the same page.

As you mention, no issues with this on desktop, even with the same branded browser.
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