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Recommend me a preworkout
As you can see from my other thread I have been struggling to get up to workout and I have missed the past 3 weeks. I think I may hop on the preworkout train in hopes to get me going. I don't want one with a lot of caffeine but just enough to get me going. Since this is my first time using anything like this any recommendations would be helpful. TIA
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re: Recommend me a preworkout
10 min cold shower and a cup of black coffee.

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re: Recommend me a preworkout
Just read the nutrition labels on them.
They range from 100-300 mg caffeine.

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re: Recommend me a preworkout
I used to get random ones on Amazon that "looked" clean. The ones I tried were Genius Pre-Workout and Legion Pulse. Both of these were really good, but I ended up cutting them due to taking 4-5x per week and I just didn't trust they were clean.

I switched to Ascent Pre-Workout as all of the ingredients are basic/clean. This stuff doesn't mix very well and is a more much more of a minor impact compared to the first 2. The first 2 had my face/arms itching and I was ready to run through a brick wall.

I'll probably continue with Ascent even though it has its downsides because I am taking it 4-5x a week and can trust it is clean.

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re: Recommend me a preworkout
If you have instagram or even just YouTube follow PRICEPLOW or supplement snoop, they do breakdowns and reviews of a lot of supplements. My only advice is to do your research and find one with an open label.

I'm a fan of glaxon, alpha lion, inspired nutrition. Maybe check out those. Also ghost nutrition has a fairly mild stim preworkout that is readily available from gnc. Axe and sledge is also available from gnc if you want to just grab one of those. Their labels are open and the dosages are efficacious.

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