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Plyometric routine for once a week?
I’m a big lifter, mainly powerlifting, but I’m trying to cut about 20-25 lbs. I’ve had to quit powerlifting due to 3 herniated discs in my back. I’m going to increase my cardio daily, but I thought about maybe dedicating one day to just plyometric exercises. This is all new to me, so other than burpees and box jumps, what are some of your favs? Gonna try to put together a nice routine where I hopefully don’t die.

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re: Plyometric routine for once a week?
I'm not a huge fan of ballistic plyo.

Box jumps without rebound are good. You can add weight easily without a ton of joint stress.

Broad jumps are also great for developing a more explosive posterior chain.

It's not really plyo, but sprints are underrated in developing explosive lower body power.

If you want advice on how to implement, what does the rest of your routine look like?

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re: Plyometric routine for once a week?
Usually my week goes like this, the short version:

Monday: Legs and shoulders
Tuesday: Chest and arms (biceps/triceps)
Wednesday: Back
Thursday-Saturday: repeat, just with diff exercises and movements.

I was thinking about making Thursday the plyo day. Then Friday and Saturday legs and chest days. I’m still playing around with ideas tho so nothing is set in stone yet. Also, I usually lift heavy 99% of the time. I’m thinking about going for reps now instead of weight. Let’s get 15 reps on bench, for example, at a lower weight and burn it out instead of 5-6 reps at extremely heavy weight. Also, we have a treadmill at home so I’m thinking of starting each morning off with HIIT for 20-30 min before work.

ETA: i haven’t changed up my routine in probably 10 years, so this def isn’t easy
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re: Plyometric routine for once a week?
I suggest you look into joe defrancos programming


It will help you get better after the injury

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