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Pec Minor injury
I’ve posted before how I think I may have Thoracic Outlet in my left shoulder area below the clavicle.

I read online that it also could be a tight pec minor muscle that’s compressing my median nerve

The pain is awful and it’s hard to sleep. Anyone experienced this before?

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re: Pec Minor injury
I just finished PT for this. Mine started due to years of bad posture and working in an office then adding heavy lifting. The initial pain was actually felt in my levator scapula, disfunction in the shoulder blades, should pain. And tingling in the ring and pinky finger. It disrupted my sleep for 2 weeks as well. I didnt get relief until I did some dry needling.

It wasn't until we did xrays on my neck, got dry needling to loosen the levator up, and got deep tissue work done on the sub-scap did we realize the root of the issue was the pec minor.

Took about a month to start feeling better. 3 months and I'm still working on it.

Where is your pain or what are your symptoms exactly.

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re: Pec Minor injury
where are your symptoms/numbness that led you to believe that you have TOS?
what positions exacerbate the symptoms?

Google search for brachial plexus nerve glides for median, radial, ulnar nerves and try those at home.

If you believe its truly muscular in nature, I'd recommend dry needling by a certified medical professional.

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