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Barter Services for Personal Training
Alright so here’s the deal. I’m 27 years old, I’m 5”11 and I weigh about 175-180.

The goal is to get to 200 and make some serious massive gains.

The problem is I have no idea how to really create a workout routine and I know that proper technique is important. I would also like to set up a diet I can follow to help me reach my goals.

I’m looking for someone I can workout with a few times a week that can really help guide me in the right direction and educate me on ow to reach my goals. There’s so much shite out there that claims to work idk what does and what doesn’t.

I’m looking to barter my skills and resources for yours.

I used to be a professional ballroom dance instructor and I can teach you and a partner how to dance ( my old studio changes $100 for 40 minute sessions) and/or I can hook you up because I work at GNC and can get you 20 percent off whatever products In the store.

Just hit me up and let me know if you’re interested or have any questions.

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re: Barter Services for Personal Training
Dear Penthouse....

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re: Barter Services for Personal Training
What works is consistency. Honestly you would be perfect to do the 531 boring but big program using 50% on BBB. Just hope it.

For diet, it's simple, use LINK that calculator and select leangains from the drop down. Put the info in, it will give you your macros.

Take those macros and out into MyFitnessPal.

First 2 weeks eat like normal, weigh and log everything. If you aren't meeting the macros, add, subtract or substitute as needed to reach those macros.

There is no perfect program. If you are lifting with minimal effective volume, using the progressive overload principle and are eat enough calories and protein, you will grow if you are consistent.

Another option would be my greyskull lp aesthetics template.

Or you could do the renanscance periodization physique programs and the rp diet app.

Any program that has you lifting with enough volume and intensity and uses progressive overload will get you bigger.

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